Everyone has heard "Poker Face", "Bad Romance", and, most recently, "Born This Way". But there's a side to the pop diva Lady Gaga that few have discovered. Even though she exploded onto the music scene just a couple years ago, Lady Gaga (or Stefani Germanotta) has been making songs for over five years. And some of the early songs rival, even surpass, her most popular songs. There are a lot of rare Lady Gaga tracks, including some amazing demos. Here are the best Lady Gaga songs you’ve never heard.

"You did not just telephone me bitch!"

Starting off the list is a song most people don't associate with Gaga. If you think this song sounds familiar, that’s because Adam Lambert sings it on his album For Your Entertainment. Lady Gaga gave him this track, because “It's, like, a total hit, smash record, but for some reason, like, I couldn't get it right with me doing it. Gosh, it would be perfect for him.” While Adam’s track is full of furious beats, Lady Gaga’s original demo is actually more laid back. Lady Gaga? Being subtle? I know, crazy, but you haven’t heard anything yet.

Second Time Around:
Next up, Lady Gaga channels her inner Destiny’s Child for “Second Time Around.” This pop ballad carries pure emotion that is absent for 99% of her “Fame” songs. The demo was leaked online around 2008, much to the dismay of Lady Gaga. She said, “I wrote ‘second time around’ recently for a current recording artist. I don't know why people insist on leaking my work.” Ouch. Oh well, you can still enjoy this heartfelt song, even if Gaga will probably hate you forever for it.

Retro, Dance, Freak:
"Retro, Dance, Freak" was first released as a bonus track for the Japanese version of The Fame. It has a very 80s feel, fitting with the title of the track. The song is more addictive than WoW. Just one listen to it and you’ll be crooning “Retro Dance, FREAK!” all day long. It’s a great song that even the best of Little Monster might not know about.

No Floods:
This demo was produced in 2005, and was later put on her EP Red and Blue. “No Floods” is radically different from her newer songs. She trades her synchronizers for a piano, and the result is astounding. It tells the story of a young Stefani, working hard to make it in the music business. The song is catchy, the delivery is heartfelt, and the lyrics give you a nice look into Gaga before she possessed "The Fame”.

Red and Blue:
Another song from her EP, "Red and Blue" has a uniquely indie-rock essence to it. Even during this stage in her musical career, Ms. Germanotta still loves her some boys. The title track has a bit in common with Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold”. Both have hints of rock, and lyrically are about loving someone who is the complete opposite of you. This song is a joy to listen to, and will make you wish for Lady Gaga’s next album to feature more piano-heavy songs like this.

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly a pop diva. But these five songs show that she is as versatile as anyone out there. From insane pop-dance to pulled back ballads, there’s a lot to this crazy lady. Hope you enjoyed!
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