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Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s official – a live-action Gyakuten Saiban (that is, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) movie is in the works.  Really.

Rumors about an Ace Attorney movie started about a week ago, when director Takashi Miike spoke of his next film in an interview for The Huffington Post, saying:

"It is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS."

Aaand of course the fans (myself included) went wild, because, you know, there are only so many Nintendo DS games involving court cases.  Shortly after Takashi Miike’s interview, the film was officially announced, much to my excitement.

So… who’s gonna be in it?  Where are they filming?  What’s the story?  We’ve got answers.  Sort of.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ace Attorney series of DS games is one of my absolute favorites.  Great storylines, gameplay that actually requires you to think (shocking!), memorable characters, healthy doses of humor – they’ve got it all.  Needless to say, I’m more than a little displeased with the current situation of the latest game (i.e., its lack of a US release – more on that in a bit).  After all, the most recent game in the series to receive a US release was Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and that was over a year ago.  I’m growing quite impatient. 

Anyway, after doing a bit of research, I found that there actually quite a few Ace Attorney-related projects in various stages of development.  Here’s the rundown:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awhile back, it was brought to my attention that a Candy Land movie is being made.  Now, I was already aware of the Battleship movie currently in the works (which I am not at all happy about), but this was still pretty shocking news for me.  I mean, what could possibly be done to make Candy Land into a movie?  It’s a board game.  About candy.  Enough said.  Still, after giving the idea some time to sink in, I calmed down.  After all, I thought, it’ll just be a harmless little movie aimed at small children.  Sure, it’ll probably suck, but who cares?  It’s not like they expect us to take it seriously or anything, right? 


A few days ago, EW released a statement from Candy Land screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger which read:

“We envision it as Lord of the Rings, but set in a world of candy.”

Lord of the Rings.  With candy.  Damn these people.  Damn them all to hell.

Anyway, I couldn’t really visualize what Lord of the Rings in a world of candy would look like, so I decided use my incredible Photoshop skills to create some pictures to help me out.  The results are not at all encouraging.

Whenever I read a book and find out they’re making it into a movie, at first, I’m pretty excited. Once I let the idea digest a bit, I realize how terrified I actually am of the results. The movie industry just doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing when it comes to these types of movies. If they put in everything it would be way too long, I get that. Sometimes certain things don’t transfer so well to the big screen, I get that. But that doesn’t give them any right to totally butcher the excellent storyline and characters.

Now Eragon, it is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen, even excluding my reader’s point of view all together. Honestly, who can feel okay about a movie that cuts the complete middle half out of a great book in exchange for some CG action sequences? I’m certainly not. Someone needs to shove a book in one of the industries faces. It might do them some good. With The Hunger Games, The Help, and One for the Money (The first in the Stephanie Plum series) movies coming out soon, they better shape up or I’m going to continue to feel sourly disappointed towards the industry when it comes to these kinds of movies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It’s finally out. After waiting a year and a half (though it felt much longer) for Lady Gaga’s new album, it’s released to the masses. Can you believe this is only her second full album? In that short time, Gaga’s music style has changed pretty substantially, especially for a pop artist. But does Born This Way present a step forward or backward for the newest queen of pop? The answer to that is in this “Mega Review.” First I’ll rank all seventeen songs in order from worst to greatest, giving a track-by-track review of each song, and a rating out of ten. Choosing the order to place the songs was far from easy, but no we have this shiny list! After going through each song there’ll be a more general look at the album. And when my actual physical copy of the CD comes, (damn you Super Saver Shipping!!) I’ll add a bit about the package. Enough intro chat. Let’s start the list.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More casting news (again) for The Dark Knight Rises!  Two new actors have been cast, one playing a judge and the other a priest. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

More news on The Dark Knight Rises – the updates just won’t stop!  As it turns out, casting is not yet complete, despite the fact that filming has already begun.  Specifically, news of three new cast members has just surfaced, though their roles haven’t yet been revealed, once again leaving us fans to speculation.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It’s coming to be that time of year again. No, not summer vacation, but something much nerdier, and just as exciting. E3. 2011. Each year, all three companies pull out all the stops to make crazy new announcements, get famous stars to present, and sometimes, bribe the journalists.

With a little less than two months before this year’s E3, excitement and speculation is building. And with that speculation comes the rumors. There seems to be a lot more leaks from Nintendo than usual this year, though we’re still unsure about much of what Nintendo will be announcing. However, that doesn’t stop us from blowing these rumors out of proportion to please our fanboy dreams, which is exactly what me (Luke) and SparkChaos will be doing in this article. We’ve sifted through the rumors and predictions and picked out the top five that we want to be true. While the choices have nothing to do with likelihood of it being true, we’ve added a rating out of five for all you number-nuts on how likely we think the rumor actually is. First up isn’t a game, but could make the 3DS a hot item.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A quick update, but an exciting one: the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane has been released!  So, what exactly will Bane look like in The Dark Knight Rises

Bane as seen in DC Comics.  In case you hadn't noticed, he likes breaking peoples' backs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More The Dark Knight Rises news, everyone – and this time it’s a bit more substantial.  First, we’ve got some more bright and shiny new photos that have been leaked from the shooting in India, and a supposed eyewitness report of the actual shooting to go with them.  Even more interesting, however, is the news of an unexpected new cast member. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two new snippets of news about The Dark Knight Rises just came out, and I must say, things are really starting to point towards the Talia al Ghul rumors being true.  What we’ve got here is an interview with Marion Cotillard and some leaked set photos, both of which are actually quite revealing (especially when coupled with the news of the India shoot, and Josh Pence playing a young version of Ra’s al Ghul).

Talia al Ghul will fuck your shit up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

When you watch a movie, do you pay attention to the opening titles?  If you do, then you know I’m right in saying that they can be really awesome.  If you don’t, then you should probably start.  While at times opening titles can seem somewhat tedious and unnecessary, they can also be used as a great tool to both showcase creative techniques and set the tone of the film.  In celebration of this underrated art, I decided to pick my top ten favorite opening title sequences. 

You wish you were this cool.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This was a pleasant surprise. The day before her "Judas" music video premieres and only 19 days until her full album drops, Lady Gaga premiered the song "Americano" from her album Born This Way at the Monster Ball Tour in Mexico. "Americano" is "a love story between Gaga and a girl from L.A." but it doesn't take long to realize this song is about a lot more. From immigration laws to gay marriage, this is pretty easily the most lyrically abstract of Lady Gaga's Born This Way songs so far.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tiny Wings review for iPhone and iPod Touch
The App Store’s Top 25 list is a fickle beast. One moment it can highlight a great game like Cut the Rope or World of Goo. Then the next a rip-off game like Doodle Jump will be at the top (expect a full Doodle-bashing post soon). So forgive me if this review is late, I was just skeptical. I mean really, it does cost 99 cents. And no one wants to waste space on their iPod Touch or iPhone for a crap game. Would Tiny Wings be an arcade game with legs, or just a throwaway app?

Luckily for my prudent iTunes credit, Tiny Wings is a great game that fully deserves to be sitting in the Top 25.