By now, you've no doubt witnessed the atrocities that are the X-Men: First Class posters.  There’s been quite a few of them, the best of which are slightly less than mediocre.  The worst, on the other hand, are mind-blowingly awful – specifically the ones where Magneto and Professor X have their faces photoshopped onto their respective crotches for some reason.  You can see those little treasures here, though for your sake I suggest you don’t look at them for too long, in order to avoid any negative side effects.  Like projectile vomiting or spontaneous combustion.  Seriously, my grandmother could have done better.  And she’s dead.  Anyway, a new poster was released the other day, and while it’s not as bad as the crotch-face ones, it still sucks.  So, in order to heal your now-scalded retinas, I’ve rounded up some of the best fan-made posters from around the web.  

Here's the new official poster.  It's pretty shitty.

Now let the prettiness begin:

By Bryan Lenning

By Gruffydd Ywain

Your eyes feel better now, don't they?
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