As I’ve previously mentioned, The Dark Knight Rises is filming in Pittsburgh.  Now, however, some new information has come to light: according to The Daily Bhaskar, filming will also take place in Jodhpur, India.  So… what exactly does that mean for the movie?

Hopefully this will happen at some point.  I'm sure they could work it in.
The most revealing tidbit of information is that there isn’t exactly a whole lot of filming that’s going to take place in India.  The Times of India reports that Nolan will only shoot in Jodhpur for two days (May 6th and 7th), and will only bring a crew of about 15 members.  Furthermore, the only actor reported to be involved in the shooting is Christian Bale. 

The Indian location itself certainly supports the rumors that Marion Cotillard’s character, Miranda Tate, is actually Talia al Ghul, but with the news that Bale is the only actor attending the shoot, things become much more confusing.  ScreenRant has posed the theory that Batman travels to India to collect info on Talia, which certainly seems plausible.  On the other hand, Batman’s trip to India could have absolutely nothing to do with Talia or the League of Shadows, thought if that’s the case, then I’m completely out of ideas.  I guess it could be a sort of pointless yet still awesome scene, like the whole Mombasa thing in Inception.  Still, with Josh Pence being cast as a younger version of Ra’s al Ghul, the Talia rumors are starting to make sense.  I’m personally hoping that they’re true, thought it’s still hard to say at this point.  Oh, and I’d also love to see Batman do some sort of Bollywood dance.  But then, who wouldn't?
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