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Korra 2012: Now coming 2013
When The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra series was first announced, the 2012 release date seemed like it would never come. Now that we're finally near 2012, the cruel folks at Nickelodeon have now pushed Korra back... to 2013. Obviously, a lot of fans (including me) were really disappointed at this. Could this just be a typo? While it is still not officially confirmed, it seems more and more likely that the new release date is 2013, as two sources have now reported on it.

So let's take this as a rumor right now. Hopefully, it will turn out to be false.

But no matter when The Legend of Korra will come out, ForkThisLlama will be covering it. Before the fine days of ForkThisLlama, I had made my own blog dedicated only to Korra related news. There's a fair number of articles still there that may be worth reading, depending on how caught up you are to Korra. The URL for the old blog is:

Some articles you might consider reading to pass the time until more news gets released are:

Interview - Dee Bradley Baker on... Journey of Korra?!? [see?! rumors can be false! (please be false rumor)]

Sifu Kisu Is Working On The Legend of Korra - Kickass Fights (basically) Confirmed!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - What We Know 

New News
So, what has happened in Korra-ville lately? A lot actually. Here's a quick summary of the news. Most happened during a comic-con panel, which you can see on YouTube starting here.
  • First Trailer released: And it's pretty awesome.
The only concern I have watching this trailer is that Korra seems a bit TOO modern. It could lose some of the original's uniqueness. *fanboyanxiety*
  • Korra Gets Her Posse, and Villain
Top: Amon, main antagonist. Right: Mako. Left: Bolin. Center: Korra. Everywhere: Awesome.
A lot of characters were revealed during the panel. Korra's two main companions are Mako and Bolin, who are brothers. Mako's the firebender in the sassy red scarf. He's a bit broody. Bolin is shorter, an earthbender, and based off of the original character of Toph (who was male. Crazy, right?). He's a bit goofy. Korra, Bolin, and Mako participate in a sport called "Pro-Bending", which is basically UFC with benders. In the trailer, you can catch a lot of glimpses of them in the arena. As you can probably tell, the show has grown up a bit, both in art (it's so detailed!) and character age.

The main villains to the show are called "The Revolution", or "Anti-Benders", or "Equalists." Whatever you want to call them, these guys hate benders, and want to take them down. And I can't really blame them. I mean, if I was born into the Avatar (I'm sorry, The Last Airbender) world and couldn't bend, I'd be pretty pissed too. They use chi-blocking as a way of preventing people to bend. The leader of the Equalist is Amon, who likes to be mysterious and wear a mask all the time. My guess for who's under that mask? SOKKA. Plot twist!

Finally, Korra's animal companion is a polar-bear-dog named Naga. 'Nuff said.

Art by daughterofthestars
Looking to the Future (Or technically, the past)
The Last Airbender mania has struck ForkThisLlama. Now that all of us have finished the series, we have a lot of ideas for feature posts about the original series.

Well, that was a very multi-faceted post. Feel free to follow ForkThisLlama to get all the latest TLA news, features and much more. We'll be your best friend if you do.
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