Ever since her casting was announced, it’s been thought that Marion Cotillard will be playing Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises.  After all, it makes sense.  Ra’s al Ghul played a large role in Batman Begins, and to have his daughter show up in the final film of the Batman trilogy would be a nice way of wrapping things up.  Of course, Cotillard’s character was officially described as “a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham” by the name of Miranda Tate, but everyone just kind of assumed that this was just a cover for Talia.  Cotillard also referred to her role as “a secret”, which we all took to mean “I’m playing Talia al Ghul, bitches!”  It also didn’t help that Cotillard was photographed on set wearing this vaguely exotic ensemble.  Now, in a recent interview, Cotillard has spoken out about her role.  Sort of.

Here’s the interview, which is from MTV News:

So basically, the interviewer asks Cotillard if she’s been using the comics as a reference for her role, to which she replies, “Well, actually, it was not based on a character of the comic.”

Well shit.

Still, this doesn’t necessarily rule out Talia al Ghul.  As the interviewer points out, Cotillard could just be lying to protect the secrecy of her role (though Cotillard denies this).  It’s also possible that Cotillard’s character is a version of Talia al Ghul that doesn’t exactly match the one from the comics, or a character that was inspired by Talia al Ghul.  But then, she could be telling the truth.  After all, Rachel Dawes was a prominent character in the first two movies, and she wasn’t in the comics.
Personally, I’ve gotten so used to the idea of Marion Cotillard playing Talia al Ghul that I’ll be significantly disappointed if it turns out she is just playing plain ol’ Miranda Tate.
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