Way to go, Kevin Costner.  I may have been wary of your villain-playing ability at first, but I was starting to actually look forward to seeing you as a sadistic slave trainer in Django Unchained.  I thought you could pull it off.  I believed in you.  And what do you do?  You drop out of the movie.  I’m ashamed.

According to a tweet from Variety writer Justin Kroll, Costner dropped the role of Ace Woody due to “scheduling conflicts”, which presumably refers to his upcoming roles in Man of Steel, Hatfields & McCoys, and A Little War of Our Own.  Okay, so maybe his schedule was a little packed, but I still think he could have made room for Django Unchained.  Playing a despicable villain would have really showcased his range as an actor (and you know Tarantino would have pulled a great performance out of him), but I guess he wanted to stick to playing good guys for the time being.  Oh well.

This, of course, raises the question of who will be taking Costner’s place.  At this point, it’s hard to say who that could be, but seeing as filming begins in about a month and a half, we should find out shortly.
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