EDIT: Oh. Spoiler alert. If you haven't read The Hunger Games already, what are you waiting for! READ!!!

The first official trailer for the new Hunger Games movie adaption was released during the VMAs yesterday. While it doesn't show too much (it is a teaser trailer), it's the first time we've seen footage of the movie. So, how was it?

The trailer, in all its teaser glory.

Personally, I thought it was decent. I'm really looking forward to this movie, as I was a huge fan of The Hunger Games when it first came out. Like, I don't read books, and I read this one twice (in fact, I believe the last book I've completed for fun was Catching Fire). Because of my love, I had very demanding fan-boy expectations going into watching this.

The things that bugged me... First off, I mistook Gale's voice for a black guy's (sidenote, CINNA'S BLACK?!). So there's that. It could just be my ears messing with me, as they often like to do. Really, a lot of the audio in the teaser trailer was weird. When the main music kicked in (~0:25), it felt sort of cheesy and out of place. Couple that with Gale's voice-over and I actually enjoyed the trailer better watching it on mute.

The actress playing Katniss seemed fine. Though there was one moment when she was shooting the arrow that looked really awkward and made me laugh. Also, she has flawless skin. Sure this scene is early in the games and they pamper the tributes before the games, but all the pictures and video released so far have shown our districters surprisingly well-groomed, even Gale. These people live in poverty and get stabbed and have to cover themselves up in mud for days, for gods sake! It's not exactly glamor town.

Anal nit-picking aside, I have a lot more confidence in Jennifer Lawrence to deliver a great performance than I did for say, Noah Ringer who played "Ong". *shudder*. And, to be honest, everything else about the trailer was good. The set looked great, and so did the CGI and balls of fire. I loved the flaming logo at the end, and the creepy whistle. Even though I wasn't blown away by the teaser trailer, it did make me excited to see more of the movie.

The director Gary Ross provided a commentary for MTV about the teaser trailer, and The Hunger Games movie. He sounds like he does actually care a lot about the series, and making the movie good. That is a great sign for this movie's success. While I don't know if the movie can ever be as good as the book was, I'm definitely interested in seeing this, in theaters.

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