I started this article like two years ago and never finished it. Cleaning house, here it is.

As mentioned before, these versions are direct NES ports of the games. Basically, a ROM dump. That means that all the glitches and bugs that were present in those games should work on your 3DS. This is really exciting for me, as I love trying out glitches. Here are a few of my favorites for you to try:

The Minus World (Super Mario Bros.): one of the most famous glitches in gaming, getting to the Minus World is still fun to do today. The Minus World is an endless version of the underwater level 2-2. Players are actually not in World -1, but World 36. As the game doesn't have a graphic for the number 36, it just displays a space, and then dash, 1 (-1!). You can use the trick of restarting in the last world you are once you get a Game Over in this world as well. So just hold down A when you get to the Game Over screen, and you'll restart in the Minus World again.

(glitch process starts at 55 seconds and he actually gets it to work at 2:35)

Engage Ridley Mother F**ker (Metroid): Wanna temporarily brick your 3DS? Here's how! Just choose "Continue" and entering the password "Engage Ridley Mother Fucker". And then your 3DS should crash. Warning: This will crash your 3DS. If you didn't get that yet. 
Some people are saying this happens because of a censor, while others think the devs put it in for kicks. Whatever the reasons, this might just be the best. password. ever.
(Crashing occurs right after 1:00)

Zelda: Walk on the HUD: There's also this crazy glitch to try and replicate.

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