Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is one of my all-time favorite books. If you haven’t read it already, do so. I insist. You won’t regret it. If you have read it, then you are certainly aware of its awesomeness. Good for you. Anyway, us fans have been taunted for some time with infuriatingly inconsistent rumors of a movie, and it finally looks like we may actually get something. But it’s not a movie – it’s a TV miniseries. As Neil Gaiman recently said on his blog, Good Omens is to be adapted by Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame - oh, and he also wrote the screenplay for Labyrinth) into a 4-part miniseries. Finally! I don’t care if it’s not a movie. Just so long as it doesn’t suck. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a wonderful book being adapted into a horrible movie (or TV miniseries). This sounds like it's gonna be good, though. Anyway, in light of this glorious news, I decided to have some fun and create my ideal cast for a Good Omens movie/miniseries/whatever.

Oh, and another note: I tried to keep the cast as British as possible (seeing as Britishness is an essential part of the book), which was much harder than expected, which is why a large amount of my cast was stolen from Doctor Who and Harry Potter. I apologize in advance.

Ewan McGregor as Aziraphale (An angel, and part-time rare book dealer)
Okay, so I’ve broken my “British” rule already, but he’s Scottish, and to an American like myself, that’s close enough. Besides, he’s really one of the only actors I can see as Aziraphale. When the movie still seemed like a possibility, the rumor was that Robin Williams had been cast as Aziraphale, which wouldn’t have worked. At all. Under any circumstances. Anyway, I think Ewan McGregor could really pull off the sort of dorky goodishness necessary to play Aziraphale. They’d have to de-sexy him a bit, but it would work.

David Tennant as Crowley (An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards)

What can I say? He’s perfect for this role. There was a rumor (when everyone thought we were still on for a movie) that Johnny Depp had been cast as Crowley. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to that, but I really prefer David Tennant in this case. He’s kind of lanky and dark-haired (which is how I always pictured Crowley) and I think he’d do well as a demon who’s kind of sarcastic and disaffected, but not really all that evil. Plus, thanks to his role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we already know that he can do creepy things with his tongue, just like Crowley. Bonus!

Alan Rickman as Metatron (The Voice of God)
Is this cheating? Well, kind of, I guess… Still, he was just so perfect in Dogma that I think he deserves to reprise his role.

Tim Curry as Beelzebub (A Fallen Angel and Prince of Hell)
He’s got the perfect personality for it! The part isn’t that big, but I’d still love to see him get into an argument with Alan Rickman. Priceless.

Simon Pegg as Hastur (A Fallen Angel and Duke of Hell) and Nick Frost as Ligur (Likewise a Fallen Angel and Duke of Hell)
I picked these two mostly for their chemistry. They’re always great together, and I can totally see them lurking in a graveyard together and bickering with Crowley.

James Earl Jones as DEATH (Death)
I’ve always pictured Death as being a CGI character, so I needed to pick someone with a strong voice. James Earl Jones was the first person I thought of, for good reason. I can just hear him insisting that he didn’t kill Elvis…

Christina Hendricks as War (War)
Not British, but then, I don’t think the Apocalyptic Horsepersons really need to be. Besides, War is described as being a sexy redhead, and who’s the hottest redhead in town? Christina Fuckin’ Hendricks, that’s who.

Christian Bale as Famine (Famine)
I always picture Christian Bale as Famine. I think it’s because I always thought of Famine as being a kind of obnoxious, self-centered yuppie, à la Patrick Bateman (minus all the crazy, though). Also, I’m sure he’d be willing to shed some pounds for the role, as he has in the past.

Cillian Murphy as Pollution (Pollution)
I think Pollution should be fairly creepy looking, and Cillian Murphy fits the bill. He’d need lighter hair, of course, but that shouldn’t be hard to fix. Oh, and I think he should get to keep his Irish accent for this role. Because it’s sexy.

John Cleese as Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer (A Witchfinder)
This was tough, because there isn’t much description of TSNCA, but I’m sure John Cleese would do well. I don’t know what direction he’d take the role in, but I’m sure it would be damn funny.

Emma Thompson as Agnes Nutter (A Prophetess)
She already played a somewhat mentally unstable prophetess in the Harry Potter movies, so I think she can do it again.

Colin Morgan as Newton Pulsifer (Wages Clerk and Witchfinder Private)
This one took me forever. It seems like everyone I found was either too old, or too American. Anyway, I don’t know much about Colin Morgan, but he’s been in an episode of Doctor Who and apparently he’s also in that Merlin show, which I intend to start watching at some point. He certainly looks the part, if nothing else.

Natalia Tena as Anathema Device (Practical Occultist and Professional Descendant)
This one also took forever, but I think I finally found the right person. I wanted to find a fairly young British actress who was attractive without being conventionally beautiful, which turned out to be kind of difficult. Natalia (who plays Tonks in the Harry Potter movies, if you don’t recognize her) has exactly the right look, and hopefully could pull of the role, too.

John Noble as Shadwell (Witchfinder Sergeant)
Australian, not British, but whatever. He’s done a great job playing crazy old guys in both Lord of the Rings and Fringe, so this kind of role seems to suit him.

Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Tracy (Painted Jezebel [mornings only, Thursdays by arrangement] and Medium)
Madame Tracy is a quirky lady, and Helena Bonham Carter is pretty much the go-to girl when it comes to playing quirky ladies.

Gina Bellman as Sister Mary Loquacious (A Satanic Nun of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl)
I’ve watched a bit of the UK version of Coupling (which is quite good, by the way), and I think Gina Bellman would be great at playing a talkative and somewhat clueless character.

Martin Freeman as Mr. Young
He’s pretty much exactly how I’ve always pictured Mr. Young, so why not?

This is a pretty comprehensive list, but it still leaves the Them (that is, Adam, Pepper, Wensleydale, and Brian) uncast. They’re definitely important characters (especially Adam, being the Antichrist and all…) but I’m just not familiar with many British child actors (or child actors in general, for that matter). So, I guess I’ll leave them to be played by unknown actors. Although, on a side note, does anyone else picture Pepper as a young version of Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim? Their personalities are even somewhat similar, now that I think of it, though Pepper isn’t quite as pessimistic as Kim.

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